We want to help create an educated society and qualified workers.

The company’s aim is to employ educated and specialized staff, which is why it supports not only high schools and universities, but also elementary schools in Vsetin region.

Support of elementary shools

The Hope4kids organization provides a good opportunity for such support in ethics workshops for children and youths aged 6-14 years. These are 2-hour certified preventive programs aimed at developing positive and social skills in children and adolescents so that they can make their own life decisions, solve everyday problems and deal with difficult life situations. Using scenarios, small children can experience their reactions to various situations, e.g. when lost in an unknown place. They try to figure out what to do, and who to ask for help.

Older students are drawn into debates, in which they can identify and understand values important in their lives, such as perseverance, respect and gratitude. Frequent topics of debates are questions such as: how to become a good friend, how to have a good relationship with parents, life in a media jungle, the power of a word, and money,

“We want children to grow up with good character, the right set of values and good relationships with people around them. Through discussions, various activities and games, we create an environment where young people can find answers to their questions regarding important life issues and identify direction in their lives. I am convinced that not only knowledge, but also maturity is important to our society. This is what we are working on with children”, comments Renata Zajickova, ethics workshop leader in the Vsetin region.

Support of high schools and universities

Secondary technical schools and Universities are supported by KSE mainly through the financing of equipment for school workshops and training laboratories, which give students more opportunities to practice with real, modern equipment and machines. What is more, KSE regularly participates in school events, such as open houses, session with directors, mock job interview, etc. All of these activities enable KSE to introduce itself to students from Vsetin region and surrounding areas and to cooperate in the good education of potential employees.

Cooperation with secondary schools and universities: